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Privacy notice for the purposes of Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003

For the purposes of Article 13 of the Gv.D. 196/2003, we inform that our company Hotel Eberle KG, based in Bolzano, St. Magdalena, the personal data of customers, suppliers and people who give us their data meldeamtlichen voluntarily made, processed and in the context of the statutory requirements the basic rights and freedoms and the dignity of persons and entities concerned in particular with regard to confidentiality and right to the protection of personal data.

Purpose of the data:

The personal data are used for the following purposes:

  • Performance of duties, which, according to civil and / or tax laws, rules, regulations and EU regulations are
  • Fulfillment of contractual obligations to the stakeholders
  • Exercise of activities which, in conjunction with the business activity of our society or that are appropriate
  • Sales, marketing, market research and delivery of business information and promotional material
  • Protection of assets and liabilities management

Transfer of data

The transfer of data is for the completion of the contracts, which amendment and for any further business relationship with hotel Eberle KG, necessary. If approval of the indication of the requested personal information may be requested by the customer service is not done. This was the continuation of existing relationships may thus be prevented or restricted.

Type of data:

The processing and storage of personal data to the specified purposes in paper form or using electronic and / or telematic tools or procedures. In each case, the processing in accordance with the minimum safety measures, according to the technical measures of the Gv.D. 196/2003, so that the security and confidentiality of the data are ensured.

Transmission and dissemination of data:

In applying the Gv.D. 196/2003, in particular of Article 13, the company transferred personal data if required in and / or foreign natural and / or legal persons, public and / or private entities, if this is the exercise of our activities or the above mentioned purposes intended.

A general dissemination of personal data by our society does not take place.

Rights under Gv.D. 196/2003 Art 7: It should be noted that Article 7 of Gv.D. 196/2003 under and in the light of Articles 8, 9, 10, quoted the decree affected the specific rights.

  1. The person concerned has the right to receive confirmation of whether data are available which concern him, even if it is not already stored. He also has the right to receive such data in intelligible form.
  2. The person concerned has the right to know about:
    • The origin of personal data;
    • The purpose and procedure of processing;
    • The logic, if the data are processed electronically;
    • The most important data for identifying the holder, the processors and the meaning of Article 5, paragraph 2, designated representative;
    • The persons or classes of persons to whom the personal data can be transmitted or in the country as a designated representative who is responsible or in charge of the processing can be.
  3. The person concerned has the right to:
    • Updating, rectification or, if of interest, completion of the data;
    • To require that unlawfully processed data deleted, made anonymous or blocked, which also applies to data whose retention for the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed, it is not necessary;
    • A certificate to the effect that under the letter a. and b. specified operations, even to their contents, have been those to whom the data have or where they were disseminated, unless this proves impossible or involves the expenditure of funds in relation to the protected right would be unacceptably large.
  4. The person concerned has the right to wholly or partially:
    • The processing of personal data which concern him, for legitimate reasons to oppose them;
    • The processing of his personal data concerning him / her for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct to the market or opinion research or commercial communication surveys.

The rights referred to in Article 7 of Gv.D. 196/2003 can be compared to the hotel Dateschutzbeauftragten Eberle KG, St. Magdalena, 39100 Bolzano, tel 0471 976125, be claimed by means of registered letter or e-mail to e-mail: info@hotel-eberle.com

Owners of data:
Owners and managers of the data, the Company Hotel Eberle KG, headquartered in St. Magdalena, 39100 Bolzano, in the person of the legal representative.

Exclusion of responsibility:
Hotel Eberle KG is not responsible for the processing of personal data, which were forwarded to third parties.